An hour for you... Flex Fitness Group in Comber/Stoney Point is your tool for a healthy body. We provide you the equipment, the education, the motivation, and the opportunity to improve your quality of life and achieve your weight loss and exercise goals. We are more than an aerobics/running group we are a community.

We recognize that for most of us, every day can pull us in a million different directions. And we know that each of us need some time to focus on ourselves. This is why we have developed a group that offers choice: combination of cardio training, strength training, outdoor running group, and exercise and nutrition information. In fact we have some of the most fun and energetic classes in Windsor and Essex County.  In the spring we offer a learn how to run a 5km.  This 10 week program helps you get yourself running a full 5km with the support of our instructor and class members.

Come out and give us a try! We invite you to experience the difference in our fitness program.